a better school environment with emotional intelligence


Using emotions to aid with

Student And Faculty Decision Making

We can help you monitor student and faculty sentiment on paramount topics. Measuring the emotions of students and faculty can be a potent tool for decision making and crisis management.


How Emotional Analysis Can Improve Your School

The opinions, attitudes, hopes and fears of your students and faculty, expressed in open-ended text, are extracted through our machine-learning tools. By looking at these sentiment trends, you can accurately predict future student/faculty behaviours

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Unlock The Value Of Student/Faculty Data

Understand the “deep why” behind your student/faculty actions, what their sentiments are and how they feel about certain changes, current events and upcoming/past policies.

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Measure Well Being With Accuracy And Depth

Uncover the true feelings of your students and faculty, what their emotional drivers are, and how they feel about change. How the school is contributing to the actions and desires of individuals. Or unveil what may be preventing them from achieving goals.

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Predict Problems Early Enough To Prevent Them

We can help you identify emotional trends in student/faculty responses. This can uncover pain points. Help you formulate better preventative measures based on a greater understanding of their wants and needs.

Why Use Emotional Analysis?

Our clients utilize HEARTBEAT Ai to understand how students and faculty feel about their schools

What can be improved? What is appreciated? Understand the nuanced experiences of your students and faculty. Discover what their pain points are and how you can improve sentiment at your school.

Ultimately, uncover emotional truths and turn them into actionable insights to treat your students and faculty better.


We transform text input from any source. Open-ended surveys, call-center transcripts, student and faculty comments are organized into 10 primary and 100 secondary emotion categories. These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind human behaviour. HEARTBEAT Ai makes it all accessible through a user-friendly dashboard


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