your patients and doctors on a deeper level


Our Healthcare Customers

Understand How Patients And HCPs Actually Feel

Uncover how to improve patient sentiment. Where the pain points are. What they appreciate about your service. At the same time, discover emotional truths about the HCP sentiments. Then transform them into actionable, meaningful insights.


What Can HEARTBEAT Ai Do For You?

Unlike manual analysis of patient and doctor commentary, which can take hundreds of hours and yield inconsistent data. HEARTBEAT Ai quickly outputs reliable insights on the true feelings of both patients and HCPs.

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Unlock The Value Of Emotion Within Patients And Doctors

Understand the "deep why" behind your patient's action. What were their sentiments? How did they really feel about their visit? Uncover issues physicians are facing. And what can be done to improve work satisfaction. Ultimately, learn how to improve the healthcare experience.

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Measure Feedback With Accuracy And Depth

Discover the true feeling of patients and doctors. What their emotional drivers are. How they feel about change. And how that change contributes to the individual's actions, decisions, and desires.

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Predict Problems Early Enough To Prevent Them

Identify emotional trends and themes in responses to uncover pain points. Then formulate better preventative measures based on a greater grasp of their wants and needs. In this way, you can optimize processes based on emotional data.

How Does Heartbeat Ai Work?

We transform text input from any source into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories

Whether it’s surveys, open ended questionnaires, patient feedback forms, hospital reviews, we take your data and unveil the emotional drivers in your patients language.

These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind human behaviour. We deliver the data essential for understanding the main drivers of behaviour in depth, with accuracy, at scale.

Emotional Analysis For Healthcare Makes Sense

Our healthcare and pharmaceutical-industry clients utilize HEARTBEAT Ai to improve how patients interact with and feel about their organization. Simply put, we help them uncover truths and transform them into ways to put patients first.