the science

behind our emotion analysis


Our technology

is inspired by the most advanced findings in cognitive psychology and affective neuroscience

Human emotions and feelings are part of a complex system. They are generated in the brain, and together with our thoughts, they govern our attention, decisions, and actions. Basic emotions are driven by evolutionary survival needs that are hard-wired in the older limbic system of the brain: fear, rage, care, search, panic, play, and lust. Secondary emotions, emotional states, and feelings arise in our awareness after they’ve been processed in newer parts of the brain: the neocortex. Billions of synaptic connections fire at the same time creating the wonderful complexity of our inner emotional world. Humans express complex emotions and feelings with words.


Why we Created heartbeat ai

It is impossible to understand human experience without understanding a wide range of emotions and feelings

Measuring the collective emotions and feelings that heavily influence human decision-making is a complex process. To make it elegant and simple, we created Heartbeat Ai.

SurpriseLoveTrustSadnessJoyAngerFearVoidDisgustBody Sense

Our emotion text analytics is based on over 20,000 emotional words and phrases

Heartbeat emotion segmentation was designed based on the classification of emotions by Dr. W. G. Parrott, a thought leader in the classification of emotions.

Our taxonomy is the most comprehensive in the world in terms of the number of fine-grained emotions included and domains covered. It was built in-house by our team.

How IT WorkS

HEARTBEAT Ai’s emotion text analytics uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and custom taxonomies

To understand and analyze a wide range of emotions, the Heartbeat HX platform processes unstructured text that people use to describe their conscious feelings. Our algorithm takes text data and converts it to a binary code representing primary and secondary “fine-grained” emotions. The algorithm is unique in its ability to code data at the granular level beyond positive/negative sentiment.

“One of the world's most advanced emotion recognition AI platforms to uncover feelings, sentiment, motivation, and intent.”

Insights About Insight, by Sarah DaVanzo, Insight Scientist