how you measure, analyze, and act upon public sentiment


“Since the Great Recession

of 2008, a global movement has emerged to replace GDP with a ‘dashboard” of indicators that can better help steer countries toward a healthier and more sustainable future...the need for better ways to measure the well-being of an economy and society”.

Stiglitz, Joseph E. GDP Is the Wrong Tool for Measuring What Matters, 1 Aug. 2020,


What HEARTBEAT Ai Can Do For You?

HEARTBEAT Ai teaches machines the language of emotions to understand how people feel. We focus on finding the deeper, more nuanced insights about how people are triggered by what they experience. A lot of this involves an understanding of secondary emotions and how time, place and experience can magnify them.

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Unlock The Full Value Of Citizen Data

Understand the "deep why" behind the actions of your population. Get to know what their could mean for policy changes. And how current events and electoral candidates may be impacting them.

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Measure Populations With Accuracy And Depth

Uncover the true feelings of your citizens. Understand what their emotional drivers are. Get how they feel about change. Then make the connection to how that shapes their actions and desires.

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Predict Problems Early Enough To Prevent Them

Identify emotional trends and themes within citizen responses. Uncover pain points. And formulate better preventative measures based on a greater grasp of their genuine wants and needs.

Monitor Public Sentiment

Understanding public sentiment is a powerful governing tool

Whether you're responding to a crisis, a change, or an unexpected downturn, the opinions, attitudes, hopes and fears of your citizens can signal future behaviours. We can make these predictions by analyzing open-ended text with our machine-learning tool.

How HEARTBEAT Ai Can Help?

Open-ended data, in the right hands, can give you a window into the mind of your citizenry.

Who are they? What do they care about? What drives them? What challenges do they face? With HEARTBEAT Ai, you have the ability to automatically and accurately process open-ended text data in a way that transforms the landscape of Emotional Intelligence Research.