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an empathy analytics platform that measures the complexity of human experience (HX)

We help organizations to communicate more authentically and empower companies to uncover truths about their customers and employees.


OPEN & honest

Keeping our clients in the loop with an “open box” system

Unlike other companies, we show our clients how our algorithms work - allowing for greater collaboration, better efficiency, and the highest accuracy possible.


 How Our Process Works

Data Inputs

We utilize data from the following inputs:

  • Survey Responses

  • Voice of Customer

  • Call Center Transcripts

  • Product Reviews

  • Chatbot Transcripts

  • Patient Reviews and Social Media Patient Data

  • Employee Reviews & Feed-back

  • Social Media Posts

Real-Time Data Processing

Data can be uploaded to the platform in a “CSV” format or with an API integration in near-real-time. To guarantee data accuracy, we use:

  • Universal" and custom taxonomies.

  • Extensive Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

  • Rule-based training (including negation, sarcasm, etc.)

  • Supervised machine learning.

  • Data training by professionals (not crowdsourced).

  • Validation through predictive analysis.

  • Ongoing human curation for the highest possible accuracy.

User-Friendly Data And Actionable Insights

  • All dashboards are accessible and easy-to-use, making actionable insights and important trends easy to identify.

  • Our platform can be customized to fit any request.

  • Integrate with your company-specific Business Intelligence tool, Qualtrics, Tableau, and more.

HX Index

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Move past the elementary consumer score systems like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Review Star Rating to an index that was built to understand human experience (HX) across any channel or demographic.