how your customers feel, and what drives their decisions


Humans are open-ended

Uncover the insights that can’t be found in scores, scales or charts. We reveal deep emotional stories that traditional research misses by extracting emotions from open-ended survey questions and qualitative research transcripts.


What can HEARTBEAT Ai Do For You?

Unlike manual analysis of customer commentary, which can take hundreds of hours and yield inconsistent results, Heartbeat AI quickly outputs reliable insights about your customer's true feelings.

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Unlock The Full Value Of Your Data

We can help you:

• Get a whole new perspective through retroactive analysis

• Understand the "deep why" behind your user's actions

• Create a breakdown of sentiment

• Uncover hidden feelings about a product or service

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Measure User Emotions With Accuracy

By creating more sophisticated user segments, you can understand with greater accuracy what's driving customer decisions. which can help drive purchases, retain customers, or work force. You can uncover the true feelings of your users. You can understand their emotional drivers. How they feel about change. And how that contributes to individual actions and desires.

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Predict Problems Early Enough To Prevent Them

With HEARTBEAT Ai, you can identify emotional themes in user responses. Uncover pain points. Formulate better preventative measures based on a greater grasp of your audience's wants and needs. We can also equip you with a better understanding of your internal organization, and make fairly reliable predictions about it through predictive analysis.

Emotional Analysis CAN

Our clients utilize HEARTBEAT Ai improve how customers interact with and feel about their organization

Treating customers in a meaningful way starts with uncovering truths and transforming them into actionable insights. Our proprietary technology is inspired by the Universal Classification of Emotions by Dr. W. G. Parrott and validated by external experts and clients.

Here’s How It Works

We transform text input from any source.

We transform text input from any source. Whether it be survey open-ends, call center transcripts, employee comments, etc. We categorize this input into 9 primary and 97 secondary emotion categories and three body sensations (i.e. sick, tired).