Unlike manual analyses of employee comments, which can take hundreds of hours and yield inconsistent results, we quickly produce reliable insights about your employee experience.

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Unlock the full value of your employee data

Engagement survey comments, onboarding questionnaires, performance reviews, the chatter on employee social networks— all of these channels of unstructured data can be used to understand people to monitor and improve strategies.

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Monitor employee emotions end improve culture

We can help you uncover the true feelings and emotional drivers of your employees. This can tell you how they feel about changes. How these feelings can contribute to the actions and desires of individual employees. You can also use this information to establish a better work culture.

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Predict problems to prevent them

Identify emotional trends and themes in employee responses, uncover pain points and formulate better preventative measures based on a greater grasp of their wants and needs.

Motivating People

Foster recognition, purpose & belonging

To build a strong organization, you need to understand what really motivates individuals and teams. And also, what brings them down. With HEARTBEAT Ai, the opinions attitudes, hopes, and fears of your team are expressed in open-ended text and extracted by our machine-learning models. This is how they can become signals that predict employee behaviors and workforce trends.

Get a window into the mind of your employees via open-ended comments

By monitoring your employee’s feelings over time, you can create a powerful tool for responding to a crisis, change, and unexpected downturns. The opinions, attitudes, hopes, and fears of your employees, expressed in open-ended text and extracted by our machine learning models can predict employee behaviors, trends, and more.